How do I become a coach?

Interested in becoming a coach? Awesome!

Our coaches come from all kinds of backgrounds – some of our most successful coaches have never coached before, while others have certifications in one of the many coaching methodologies and content areas that are available today. grew from the belief that people who have overcome a challenge successfully and want to help others are ideally suited to be coaches. Fundamental to our coaching methodology is credibility comes from successful experience. So, if you have a desire to help people, you can become a coach!

The first steps to becoming a coach are to open a user account and register for a Coach Membership. As soon as you register as a coach, you can create a coach profile and begin coaching by sending clients the link to your profile. includes features and services like:

  •        A professional coaching profile web page
  •        Automated client billing and regular monthly payments
  •        Access to a community of coaches for support in building your business
  •        Opportunity for additional income by referring other coaches
  •       Habit Coach Certification (additional cost)