How do I become a coach?

Interested in becoming a coach? Awesome! You'll need to be logged in to your account and then you can  sign up to be a coach.

You need to be a user to be a coach, and you should have significant check-ins yourself on the goals that you want to coach. If you're not already an active user on, get started on that now and it will make you a much more successful coach. 

Coaches generally make 50% of the net revenue from subscriptions from chat-based coaching (plus a potential 20% referral bonus). 

You'll be able to start coaching as soon as your profile is approved.  After the end of the first month you have revenue, we'll contact you with your earnings report and set up your payment info so we get your W-9 and payment details.  US coaches are paid by check or PayPal; international coaches are paid via PayPal. Then you'll get your earnings report (and pay) after the end of each month going forward.