How do clients cancel?

If a client wants to cancel, here are the instructions you can copy and paste to them (or you can just send them this link: —with the same info):

From the dashboard, tap on the habit to get to the detail screen.

From there, tap the three dots you see at top right and choose  Coaching Options. Tap the edit button next to Hire a Coach.

Choose   Unsubscribe to end your coaching subscription.  ("Cancel" on iOS returns you to the previous screen with no changes.)

On the web and Android, you can also do this from your coaching chat screen: tap on your coaches name to bring up the chat window, then tap the gear icon at the top right.  You'll see option for canceling (and also updating your payment info if needed).

Important: when a client cancel coaching, the chat history will disappear immediately.  If you wish to access it, send a note and we can retrieve the chat log for you.