How does privacy work?

Clients can set privacy options for each of their goals. Here's how they do it:

Tap on the goal to go to its detail screen; from there, tap the three dots that appear at the top right, and the Coaching Options menu will appear. You'll see an option for  Privacy there, which will allow you to change your privacy settings.

Turning on privacy for a goal keeps check-ins and notes for that habit private, and will prevent that goal from showing up on their public profile. However, asking or answering questions in the Q&A section is always public.
We do not have an option for private profiles. If privacy is a concern, clients should use a psuedonym (people can change their name in their profile settings).
If you assign a goal to a client and it adds it as a new goal to their dashboard, it will be set to "private" by default.
Chats between a client and coach are always private. The chat transcript disappears from both the client and the coach's view when coaching is canceled.
Here's a link you can share with clients if they ask about privacy: