The Client is Asking for Medical or Therapeutic Help

If your client is asking for help that requires medical or therapeutic expertise, it's your responsibility to recognize that you and the format are not an appropriate solution.

Issues like depression and suicide are scary and need to be treated seriously by professionals who have been specially trained for such situations.  

Here's what you can say in these kinds of situations: 

My heart really goes out to you. You're dealing with some heavy issues. What you're asking for here is something different than coaching. I recommend that you look for the services of a medical or therapeutic professional instead. requires that I give a very specific answer to certain topics of suicide or depression. These are topics that need to be addressed by an experienced professional and for that reason are off limits as topics of conversation between clients and coaches.

If you are feeling suicidal, I urge you to contact the crisis resource center where you live.

If you are feeling depressed, recommends an equivalent therapy-focused service called It works a lot like, except with therapists.