How to Prepare for the Certification Exam

The certification exam is in two parts – a multiple choice questionnaire and an essay question. Once you’ve passed the multiple choice portion, you’ll receive the essay question.

A few tips about the exam:

Study the Resources for Coaches and take the multiple-choice portion of the exam. The purpose of the exam is to help you become familiar with the tools you’ll need to coach successfully on The basis of this certification is understanding how to help clients build habits. Coaching on this platform involves understanding clients' needs through text-based messages. The exam is designed to help you learn through a similar text-based format. 

  • The exam is “open source” so you are learning as you go! Don’t hesitate to take the exam, because if you don’t pass, you can take it again.  
  • Once you’ve passed the multiple-choice test, you'll have the opportunity to take the essay portion of the exam. Once you've submitted the response to the essay question, it can take up to 3 weeks for your essay to be graded. This will not delay your certification. Continue working through the other certification components in the meantime! 
  • Lots of people don’t pass it the first time through – don’t be discouraged. Coaching in a digital world is relatively new and requires a shift in thinking, especially if you’ve been trained in traditional coaching. For some extra pointers, watch our video here.
  • If you get stuck or find any part of this certification foreign to your experience as a coach, keep in mind that behavioral coaching is fundamentally about building habits. The company started out as a habit building community. That's why we include being coached as a client as part of the certification - so you have the experience of being coached in a habit yourself. Also, using the tracking tools on the platform help reinforce habits.