Coach Four Clients for Certification


Coach four people through a habit or goal for up to a month using our Momentum Method. In addition to practicing the Momentum Method of habit coaching, this will help you become familiar with the platform and give you a chance to hone your coaching skills.

Your coaching membership includes a promo code to give to others so you can coach them for free; we encourage you to start by coaching your friends and family. If you are unable to find four clients, go to Slack #behavioral-cert channel and ask other coaches to be your clients. (You’ll be invited to Coaches Slack when you register for coach membership.)

See below for detailed instructions on promo codes.

Set up Habits/Goals

Before anyone can hire you, even with a promo code, they need to be able to choose a habit for coaching. Here’s how to set up habits/goals:

Go to Coach Settings, choose Individual Coaching Packages, go to Add a New Package.

To complete the Add a New Package page, you may create your own name and description for the habit you’d like to coach. Don’t worry about making it perfect, all of this can be changed as you go along, but for now you want to get a habit posted so that your certification clients can hire you and you can start coaching!

Be sure to choose Habit Coaching which is the standard pricing option. Promo codes only work on standard-priced packages. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve set up a habit, you can send your certification clients a link to your profile and your promo code (found under Habit Coach Certification in Coach Settings).

You can always coach clients (for free or paid) in the meantime; you don't need to be certified to get clients, but you do need to be certified to appear in our directory. (That is, if you are not certified, your clients need the link to your profile to find you.)

At the end of the month, ask for a review of your transcripts. We are looking for evidence of your ability to quickly engage a client and demonstrate the Momentum Method of coaching. (Even if your ultimate use of as a coach is not habit coaching, we believe that habit coaching and our Momentum Method is a critical skill that supports behavior change.)

Find Promo Codes

*Be aware that this code for your clients is free forever, so if your client should become a paying client at the end of one month, you’ll need to ask them to cancel and re-subscribe.

**Be aware that this code for you is only good for one month, if you wish to continue with your coach, the subscription will automatically renew. If you do not want to be charged, you’ll need to cancel. Here’s how to cancel.

Apply Promo Codes