Your Upgrade Package

We talk a lot here about specializing so that you are the best coach in the world. Well, some of your clients already think this about you.

That's why every habit coach should have an upgrade package. Habit coaching is you providing amazing coaching for an incredible value. However, some clients need more coaching. And often those clients are willing to pay full price now that they know what you are worth.

So, in short, the upgrade package is a high priced, high value package you offer to your best clients.

Imagine you're a diet coach, providing daily accountability and nutrition advice. But some of your clients are really struggling with emotional eating because their life is stressful. For them to be successful, they need to process those emotions, and they just can't do that in the habit format. This is where your upgrade package comes in.

Part One: When to Offer It?

It's really important that you offer the package at a time that feels trustworthy. So think this through first: what are the moments that your best clients would be helped my more in-depth coaching?

Part Two: What are you offering?

Generally you're offering something much more valuable than daily chat. Maybe it's a weekly phone call or a personalized plan. A weight-lifting coach should absolutely personalized training plans. A productivity coach should offer strategy sessions. A writing coach could offer to review or edit articles.

You should price these as if you are the best coach in the world. So, if you're only charging $65/month for habit coaching, it's still completely fair to have a package that is $18,000 for the rest of the year (this really happened with one of our habit coaches).

Part Three: How do you bring it up?

This should be easy. You're not selling or pressuring. You're helping.

The only tricky thing is not creating the impression that you are holding out. 

I think you use strategies like.

Say something up front.

"My habit coaching is very powerful. But if you feel like you need to go deeper we can talk about bigger packages down the road."

Or, if you're already into a relationship, say something like:

"I notice that this issue of <whatever you notice> has come up three times, here, here and here. I think if you solved that issue that you would be able to make a lot more progress toward your goal. However, it's hard for me to help in the habit format. I do have an upgrade package that could help. It's a lot more expensive but I want to make sure you are aware of it."