Add Your Coaching and Certification to LinkedIn

Leverage your LinkedIn profile to market yourself as a coach—here's how!

Hi Coaches!

Here's how to add your coaching profile AND your Habit Coach Certification to LinkedIn.

This is a great way to boost your visibility as a coach!

And it's super simple.

Add Your Coaching Experience

Just go to your LinkedIn profile, go to the "Experience" section, and click "Add position".  You'll see something like this:

For company name, use — type it in and wait, and you should see a drop-down menu appear with our company listed there to select. That connects you up to us as a company.

For your title, use "Coach". You can also use something like "Productivity Coach" or "Life Coach" or "Fitness Coach"—but please don't list yourself as something other than a coach! Keep it accurate.

NEW! Add Your Habit Coach Certification

LinkedIn also tracks your certifications, including your Habit Coach Certification (if you've earned it). And we've just added an easy way for you to add it with the click of a button.

Just go into your Coach Settings and choose "Habit Coach Certification" from the menu on the left. At the top, you'll see a "Congratulations" message (if you're certified) and a link for "Add to Profile" for LinkedIn—it's the blue box with the "in" LinkedIn logo:

Click it and you'll go to LinkedIn to confirm adding it—that's all there is to it! (If you're not yet certified, you'll see information on this to help you complete your certification instead.)