How to Stop Coaching Temporarily

If you want to take a break from coaching without ending your coaching membership, first go into your coach settings, choose "Available for hire", and set that to "no" so you don't get new clients.

Send a message to all of your clients letting them know that you'll be ending coaching with them. Tell them that they should cancel their coaching, give them this link to show them how:

If they don't cancel in a couple of days, send a note to and ask for your current clients to be canceled. In that email, iunclude a copy of the note that you sent so the person handling that knows that your clients were notified.

Clients may request a refund in that case. You can ask them to send a note to and we will handle that, or you can request refunds of the last month for any clients you like (include a list of names in your request for cancellations).