Pausing Subscriptions for Vacation or Other Time Away

If you're planning to take some time off, you can pause client subscriptions. Before you do that, here's some important things to note:

  • A coach's pause suspends billing for ALL of your clients. If a client is taking time off and wants to pause, they need to initiate the pause from their side. Refer them to this document for instructions on how to do that:
    You can see which clients are paused from your client list (set the filter to "None")
  • You need to communicate with clients in advance of your pause so it does not come as a suprise to them.
  • A coach's pause cannot be undone. Use this feature for planned time off only.
  • You can continue to message clients, and they can continue to message you, during a pause you initiate. If a client initiates a pause on their side, they cannot message you during this time.
  • If you pause your clients, your availability for new coaching clients will be turned off, so you won't get new clients during the pause.

To pause your client subscriptions, login  via the web (not from the iOS app), go to your coaching screen, and choose Tools and then Pause Coaching:

You'll see options for pausing coaching for up to 30 days: