How does the Digital Coaching Certification process work?

We offer free Digital Coaching Certification (the first of its kind) and free open sourced training. Every coach should go through the certification process.

Certification generally takes about two months. 

You'll need to:

  • Read and study the training materials (they're all on the Wiki linked below)
  • Take the exam. It's a multiple choice quiz based on the materials in the wiki. If you pass the multiple choice portion of the exam, you can answer the required essay question.

    It can take up to 3 weeks for your essay to be graded. This will not delay your certification. Continue working through the steps below while you wait for that!

    You can always coach clients (for free or paid) in the meantime; you don't need to be certified to get clients, but you do need to be certified to appear in in our directory. (That is, if you are not certified, you will have to get clients by sending them a link to your profile page and getting them to sign up.)
  • Be coached by one of our other coaches, to successful completion of a habit or goal. This takes about a month. Your coaching membership includes a promo code to get this month for free.
  • Coach four other people through a habit or goal (generally for about a month). Your coaching membership includes a promo code to give to others so you can coach them for free; we encourage you to start by coaching your friends and family.
  • Make sure your coaching profile is complete and has all necessary elements. See this page for required elements. If you miss any of these, your certification cannot be completed.
  • Get your transcripts reviewed. Once you have coached four people and completed being coached by another coach, you're ready to request review for certification. We'll take a look at your chat transcripts to verify that you understand how to apply the concepts of digital coaching. (This is why it usually takes about two months—if you jump right in and coach four people through habits starting on your first week, you could be ready to be reviewed four weeks later. Most coaches procrastinate here, though, and it holds up their certification. Don't be one of them!)

Once you're certified, your profile appears  in our coaching directory and clients will be able to find you easily through our app!

Ready? Let's