Skill Development & Deliberate Practice

Skill Development Strategy

Once a client has reliably mastered consistency, you have the momentum you need to start expanding on their skills: either the quality or difficulty of their goal.

We subscribe to the concept of  deliberate practice, that a task can be broken into it’s component parts and then practiced. The more deliberate, meaning strategic, you are about what you practice, the more improvement you’ll see.

In a goal like running, most coaches think about developing individual energy systems (like Friel’s endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular endurance, force & power).

In a productivity goal, like Inbox Zero, your client will learn how to categorize and quickly process emails. Each category of email should be considered a new skill.

Remember, if you’re giving direction to a client, do it with humility. You are remote! That means you can’t see when you’ve given your client incorrect or innapropriate advice.

Instead, invite your client into the skill development strategy.

Today is a long run. Based on your last week, you should run ten miles at an easy pace. Does that fit with how your body is feeling and your available time?