Techniques for Using Spotlighting


There’s incredible power in this simple question, “How did it go?”

In this technique, you use questions to spotlight opportunities for improvement but your client provides and executes the solutions.

A lot of struggles have never been named, identified or consciously examined. Once they’ve been identified, your clients will often solve them with confidence.

This has a two-fold client benefit: they’ve solved one of their problems and they’ve also built confidence in their own efficacy.

Your job then is just to move the spotlight by asking questions. You’re the intelligent, trusted audience that they report to. They’re the source of answers.

Of course, you also have to be a worthwhile audience. You can’t just ask questions — you be an active listener and demonstrate that there is some thought behind your questions.

Here are things to ask about:

  • Does the client have a plan? When, where and how are they going to achieve their goal this week?
  • Are they experiencing any challenges?
  • Are they expecting challenges in the future? (Travel, for example.)
  • Is there a way they think they could do better?