Environmental Design

Environmental Design

In this strategy, you look for things in the environment that can work for or against the client. These are one time changes that have permanent impacts.

If your client wants to give up alcohol, make it easier on them by having them throw away any alcohol in their house.

If they want to go to the gym, do they have workout clothes? Do they have enough workout clothes? You don’t want them to skip the gym just because they also don’t have a consistent laundry habit.

Together you can design your client’s environment so that they are constantly surrounded by opportunities to make good decisions.

Here are common things to look for in the environment:

  • Temptations. For example, remove candy from the house of someone trying to eat healthier.
  • Triggers. Put a note on your door, "Did you remember your wallet?"
  • Requirements. To work out, you need workout clothes. To ride a bike, you need a bike.