What are plans?

There are two types of goals users can add on Coach.me.  One type is a daily habit, which is free. Daily habits are things like "Eat Paleo" or "Exercise" or "Get to Sleep by 11pm".  

The other type is a step-by-step plan with specific tasks to get them towards their goal. Another way of thinking about paid plans is to see them as courses that are broken up in to daily actionable steps. 

Both habits and plans work the same way from the dashboard: users check in daily to record their progress. Habits are for general repetitive tasks; plans are for learning a new behavior or creating habits through specific steps.

Plans include daily instructions to help you reach your goals. Followers of a plan will see the first instruction on Day 1 and unlock the next instruction each time that they check in. Here are some examples:
View lots more plans here:   https://www.coach.me/plans

Next step: Learn how to create your own free or paid plan