Marketing Bootcamp Background

The original Bootcamp ran December 11 - 22, 2017 and encouraged coaches to work together on daily exercises.

However, the exercises can be completed or referenced any time. The goal is to prepare you to reach tons of new clients without spending any money on advertising. Focus your message so that your friends, neighbors and colleagues here at can bring you clients.

Week 1 Curriculum 

Mon - Your "#1 Coach" Statement

Use our "What for Whom" technique to define yourself as the #1 coach in the world. The best marketers in the world call this category design. 

Tue - Epic Landing Page

Make sure your profile or landing page connects with your ideal customer. We've looked at thousands of coach landing pages now and their are many subtle points to getting this right.

Wed - Perfect Hello

You should constantly be refining your first few interactions the way a comedian refines their stand-up routine. 

Thu - Your NY Resolution Post

On January 1, you're going to post on Facebook, your mailing list and your blog. Get this right. 

Fri - The Ultimate Prospecting Script

The secret of Monday's exercise is that it makes prospecting inside your network 100x easier. Your friends and colleagues love and respect you. Put them in a position where they can connect you to your next round of clients. 

Week 2: Curriculum 

Mon - Help a Reporter Out

We'll have scripts for press outreach. Everyone should reach out to at least one local reporter.

Tue - Craigslist

You don't always need to pay for advertisements. For local coaching, make sure you take advantage of places where you can post for free (or nearly free).

Wed - Your eBook

Everyone can have their own eBook. This eBook is the gift that creates the ultimate sales dynamic: "Lead with value." We'll teach you how do create your first eBook in one day.

Thu - Cross promotion

Our community is based on coaches helping coaches. For this exercise, we will create group blog posts sourced from other coaches along the lines of "What Top Coaches Recommend for Productivity in 2017."

Fri - Affiliate/Features

In our affiliate network, you can make up to $600 just for introducing one client to one coach. Find out what coaching your clients need that you can't provide, then find coaches you can recommend to them.