How to Get Featured

We are always looking for coaches to feature. That's really the core of our business--can we find a client that thinks you're their perfect coach? 

Here is what we are looking for when we feature coaches:

1. Prior track record. We hate looking at resumes. We'd always rather look at how you did with past clients. This tells us both about the quality and the reliability of your coaching. 

2. Clarity. It's your job to say clearly what you're coaching, who your target client is, how your coaching works.

3. Specificity. The more specific the better. We want to be able to tell people we are featuring the best coach in the world. Are you a Sobriety coach? We have lots of those. Are you the world's best Sobriety Coach for Artists Struggling with Creative Blocks? You'd be our only one.

If you've done the coaching work of refining your craft and the marketing work of refining your target market, then getting featured is easy. Just fill out this form.