Cross Promotion

Imagine how successful you'd be as a coach if you had a community supporting you? That's what cross-promotion on is about.

We'd like for you to know that you can count on the coaches here whenever you write an excellent article or launch a great coaching project.

And vice versa, the other coaches are counting on you.

Here are the ways we work together to make every coach more successful.

Goal #1: Grow Better Humans Readers

Our publication, Better Humans, pays out to authors based on the how popular their post was across the Medium network. The bigger our publication gets, the more we'll be able to pay out.

So promoting Better Humans articles is an easy win-win. If we can make the #1 personal development publication on the Internet, then we'll have lots of professional writing opportunities for you.

Here are three ways to promote Better Humans.

  1. Monitor the #cross-promotion channel in slack for Better Humans articles, click through to them, read them and clap for them.
  2. Turn on the IFTTT recipe to post Better Humans articles to your Twitter feed.
  3. Turn on the IFTTT recipe to post Better Humans articles to your Facebook feed.

When coaches first started promoting Better Humans we had 12,000 readers. By the end of 2017, we had 200,000 readers.

Goal #2: Collaborate in Slack

The #cross-promotion channel in Slack is where coaches should go to ask for help promoting. Be creative. Maybe you want to interview other coaches for an article you are writing. Or maybe you want to interview them for your podcast. Or maybe you need a back cover quote for a book you're writing. 

Goal #3: Group Blog Posts

This is an experiment that we want to repeat. The way it works is that one author gathers feedback on a topic from all of the coaches and then writes a "What Coaches Recommend for X" style post that is mainly a collection of quotes from other coaches.

Then, in that article, all of the quotes are linked back to your profiles.

Our first test of this was for New Year's Resolutions. If you have a suggestion for the next group blog post, post to #cross-promotion .