Setting Plan Prices

Pricing Options

After you've completed your plan, it's time to decide how much you want to charge for it. You'll find a drop down selection on the edit screen, and you're free to set your own price. You can modify the price at any time. Here's what current options look like:

Free vs Paid

Why do coaches create free plans?

  1. For use with 1:1 clients.
  2. To showcase their expertise. 
  3. As a lead generation tool for other coaching services (1:1 coaching or phone calls).

Paid plans are growing in popularity—they're more work up front, but can provide an ongoing source of passive income if they resonate with the community or are advertised on your site or in your newsletter. 

Pricing Psychology

The price should be a reflection of the value to the user and to the value of your own efforts in producing it. 

You'll also want your price to make sense relative to any other offerings you provide. Are you a consultant or speaker who charges thousands for in-person engagements? You'll probably want to choose a high price. If you're a new coach or are looking to build an audience, you may want to select a low price point.

If you want your price to be comparable to other offerings on you'll probably want to select a price between $6.99 - $29.99. However, you're free to select any price you  see on the drop-down menu.