What Makes a Plan Great?

Whether the plan is free or paid, all successful plans have a similar structure.

Great plans all have:

  1. Catchy title that outlines the problem your plan solves
  2. A beautiful cover image
  3. A clear sales-oriented description
  4. A great first day of instructions (paid plans only show the first day's instruction to potential clients)

Since plans are just microcourses where users unlock the content once a day, it's important to think in terms of bite-size, actionable information. Remember that a majority of users will be accessing the plan on their mobile device, so lengthy instructions are cumbersome.

Every day your plan's instructions should:

  1. Have one or two paragraphs that explain why this activity is important. Adding in science, data, and success stories to back up the claim will make your daily advice or insight more credible. The Coach.me audience leans more toward analytical information over emotional pitches.
  2. Have one actionable item to do. (The more specific, the better.)

A great cover image helps your plan stand out; help people visualize the change your plan will bring! Check out this resource for photos:  Stock Photos That Don't Suck

Additionally, adding in video content increases the overall perceived value of the plan. Keep in mind that with paid plans, the videos need to be hosted on YouTube and be unlisted. Some coaches have used video to:

  • Introduce the course
  • At weekly intervals to introduce new concepts
  • As part of the daily content

If you're looking to see a list of recently featured paid plans, head to the  Featured Plans page.

Here are 3 examples of daily instructions inside of paid plans:

From  28 Days to Better Confidence:

From  21 Secrets to Hack Your Love Life:

From  For Introverts: How to Build Strong Connections in 21 Days: