Your Jan 1 Facebook Post

Your Jan 1 Facebook Post

This whole bootcamp is timed so that you make as much noise as possible on January 1. Does that mean you’re going to post on Facebook? Of course it does.

And now you have two tools, “What for Whom” and “WISH,” to make your January 1 Facebook post very clear.

I want to make this as easy for you as possible. Below is an actual post that you can use. All you need to do is plug in your What for Whom and WISH elements.

Below is what I’m going to post. I’ve italicized and marked the places that you’ll replace. Think of it like a Madlibs.

Just to fully demonstrate this, I’ve been doing these exercises from the Bootcamp using my coaching group, Heavy Mental. So I’m struggling as much as you. Here is my starting material which I plugged into the template below.

  • What for whom: “Brain training for people who want to train their brain the way an athlete trains their body”. This is an odd “whom” and many of you will have better.
  • What: Train your brain
  • Inspiration: Very similar to the inspiration of being in a gym. My brain could be even stronger! Is it vanity? Partly. It’s also a quest for a more impactful and meaningful life through taking control of the tool that can achieve those things.
  • Social proof: testimonials. One good story about the impact on the world of better prioritization.
  • Demographics: I optimize for a mid-to-late career, science oriented person who cares about impact and balance. I think I attract a “have-it-all” mindset that has moved past money and recognition and now wants a broad range of healthier goals, but all at once.

How I can help you train your brain [What] in 2018.

Some of you might not know that I am the best coach in the world at training your brain the way an athlete trains their body [#1 Coach Statement].

If you approach your brain in a consistent, structured way, you can change the physical composition of your brain, rewire your neural pathways to optimize for focus, pick up heuristics that help you make faster, better decisions [Inspirational fantasy].

This is for people who care about productivity so that they can be more successful in business and also have time to be healthy and connected to friends and family. Have it all people basically [Whom]

Over the last year, I’ve worked with a few hundred people in this way to sleep better, become single taskers, prioritize, become mindful at work. My favorite success story was a guy named Phil who started with the simple goal of reprioritizing his work so that he could work fewer hours. Six months later, he’d dropped 24lbs, cut back to a 32 hour week, and, this is the cool part, noticed that his work projects were failing, so he killed them and replaced them with a project to save thousands of victims of human trafficking. If you do the sort of self-work that I help with, you can achieve big things. [Social Proof]

How it works is that we meet as a group online for daily exercises and to support each other. We cycle through areas of focus. This month we are focused on picking a big new year resolution. Screw tiny habits. This is the time to make a big change.

So if you or anyone you know is interested in training your brain and being more successful [What for Whom] sign up here [link them to your coaching package].

Your exercise: Plug and play into that template.

You may feel like your final draft should be an original piece of writing and that you don’t want to use a generic template. But let me stop you.

There is value in copying other people’s marketing, even if just as an exercise. It forces you to think about your coaching product in new ways. I often do a draft as if I’m giving the keynote at Apple — for example this announcement of our Apple Watch app uses an Apple way of marketing.

In many fields, copying is how you learn early on. In most cases, it’s wrong or illegal to use that copy publicly. But it’s always legal to use other people’s marketing as a learning tool.

And in the case of — we give our templates to you to use any way you want. So, please start with this as a template and then see if you can do better.